Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hamlet - Train Town premieres tonight, June 7th, 2011, on UNC-TV's North Carolina Weekend...


Isn't that just the grandest news ever? 

Although I let the cat out of the bag via my entry I titled Who Wants to Know the Secret? here on All Aboard Hamlet, since I knew there was a press release in the works, I elected to keep the rest of the details secret.  And as I stated in my last blog entry, I'm not one to steal anyone's thunder, as I'm very fond of my own.  Consequently, I've been sitting on my hands for days waiting to share the rest of the big news here.  Now that the story made the front page in Kelli Easterling's article appearing in yesterday's edition of the Richmond County Daily Journal and I've set a 24 hour "come as you are whenever" Facebook Online Viewing Party in motion, finally feel it's the right time to share the details here, too!

North Carolina Weekend's segment entitled Hamlet - Train Town will premiere tonight, Thursday, July 7, 2011 at 9:00 p.m. on UNC-TV with an encore presentation tomorrow night at 8:30 p.m.  It gets even better.  Regardless of where you're located, Hamlet - Train Town will be available to watch from your computer, or any internet ready device with flash capabilities via the link below:

As far as when it will hit the online viewing link, I'm not sure as yet.  But, when I know, you can trust that I'll update here and via the Hamlet Historic Depot & Museum Facebook Page, too. 

I can't even begin to convey how excited I am for Hamlet over this incredible opportunity.  Nor, how thankful I am that others from across the state and beyond its borders will get to see some of the reasons Hamlet captured my heart as a little four year old girl.  And why 54 years later, my heart is still very much tied to it.

Also, I can't express what joy this has brought my 91 year old mom.  She's one of the reasons I write this blog, as I've shared in the dedication.  Her dream for years has been for Hamlet to return to its glory days, and this is yet another sign that it's very much on its way. 

My personal hope and dream is that Hamlet - Train Town will be a stepping stone to other film opportunities both documentaries and feature films.  It's more than a post card perfect venue and setting.  What could make a more gorgeous or fitting backdrop to a movie set in heydays of passenger train travel?  I also hope and pray that this four minute segment will land Hamlet on the map as a tourist destination for individuals, groups, and the tourist industry in and of itself.  For train enthusiasts, railfans, history buffs and for those who love small town America, Hamlet is a must see... must do... must visit... must experience kinda place.

Fans of Hamlet, and those with heartstring ties to it, like me, please help spread the news about UNC-TV's North Carolina Weekend's Hamlet - Train Town and the wonderful opportunities if can offer.  For such a show to take an interest in Hamlet, is a God send.  My desire is for it to be such a huge success, that Our State will want to film Hamlet next!  And your feed back and comments here and on Facebook can help make that happen.

Isn't it time for Hamlet to reemerge from the fog of its years of economic down turn and become one of the number one tourist venues in NC?  I think it is.  What about you? 

Yet, even in the fog, there is breathtaking beauty depending upon your perspective or view of life and what it has to offer.

Please note: The aerials appearing in my blog entries, such as the two in this entry, and along the side panel were all taken by me. There's been some suggestions that they perhaps were taken from a bridge that doesn't exist which gave me quite a chuckle.  Most were shot between an altitude of 350 feet to 600 feet above Hamlet.

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