About me...


Out of the blue late December 2005, I was stricken with Epilepsy.  There had been signs for my entire life, but it was as if overnight it took over of my life and things changed instantly. Not only for me, but for my family.

Being strong willed and minded, I've done my best not to allow the condition, nor the stigma to define me.  It's been tricky, because at the same time, I've added my face to those in the United States and beyond living with un-controlled seizures and tell people about it.  To look at me, you wouldn't know it, unless you know what to look for, which is exactly why it is so important for me to share about it at every opportunity. 

The challenges of learning to live with and manage a seizure disorder are many.  It's confining and highly perplexing.  It zaps one's independence.  Physically, it is no fun.  It's been an adjustment not only for me, but for my loved ones.  Since I don't have common warning signals (auras), it’s important for me to stay in tune with how I feel.  Consequently, I do very little away from home on my own.  I liken it to pressing my finger against the wind moment by moment as I always need to gauge how I feel.  There are times in social settings, where I just have to walk away and find a quiet spot.  Or, lean up against a wall, or back in a chair.  It's somewhat embarrassing, yet I know most people don't know what's going on with me at the moment. 

In the midst of my journey, though, God has been ever faithful.  His grace surrounds me.  In his Word He promised never to leave me, nor forsake me. He hasn’t. He's been with me from the onset and allowed me to live a normal healthy and productive life for many years. Although, I hovered in a holding pattern for several years searching via the best medical specialists in North Carolina my body was unable to cope with a number of Anti Epileptic Drugs to control seizures. So, today, I'm living un-medicated with on-going neuro sensations and issues related to Epilepsy 24/7. Needless to say, I walk by faith. What helps me the most is to be involved in things where I can make a difference such as canine rescue, the Hamlet Historic Depot & Museum, as well as promoting a certain little town in North Carolina all that I can!

I blog about what means the most to me.  Here and on both Project Rewire and Watchdogging for Justice.