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All Aboard Hamlet...

Is devoted to Hamlet, NC, but it's truly a story about small town "America" returning to life. Hamlet was birthed in the late 1800s and enjoyed many vibrant years most in part due its key role in the railroad industry, and its rich Seaboard Airline Railroad roots. Decade after decade it was a booming railroad town. At one time 30 passenger trains came through daily traveling along 5 tracks known as the "five points". However, "progress" in our nation's transportation system, caused travelers to focus on the fastest way to get from Point A to Point B, and fore go the most scenic route possible to the degree that now only 2 passenger trains travel north and south through Hamlet daily down only one track.

A lovely Southern town that was once very much on the map, and for decades considered to be the Hub of the Seaboard, realized it was no longer a gateway, or destination for travelers. Sadly, it was if time stood still and the once hustle and bustle town almost stopped dead in its own tracks of time. However, the essence, charm and heart of Hamlet has always remained. Hamlet's story and future wasn't over in spite of a very long lull.

Thankfully, it's making an amazing come back due to vision, planning, and hard work as a tourist destination of historical value and merit. History isn't being re-written about Hamlet, but positive steps are being taken to ensure there will never be an end to their story. The important work has been an ongoing labor of love and dedication for a number of people for several long long years, and it is now very much coming to fruition.

This blog is in tribute to Hamlet's all important journey -- to help document it's story of restoring vitality and growth to the city. It's not mine, but for the residents and fans of Hamlet -- to those with us and to those who have passed before us -- to those with clear vision who inspire -- to the movers & shakers who make things happen -- and also to those who may be reluctant to change. Much of Hamlet's "now" and hope for a new vibrant future lies in turning back the hands of time in numerous restoration efforts and projects. Main Street (among other venues) is being returned to its original "period" beauty bringing it back to its true heritage. The tracks of time are indeed being erased as evidenced by the moving and restoration of the beautiful Hamlet Historic Depot, the creation of Main Street Park, and up and down Main Street.

As the conductor's "All Aboard" call still echoes in my mind and heart from my childhood years traveling to Hamlet on Seaboard Airline Silver Comet, I'm certain it echoes in the minds and hearts of those who sincerely have Hamlet's best interest in mind. Consider this blog an "All Aboard" call to those who want to see Hamlet returned back to its glory, by taking positive focused footsteps to its future.

This blog will be open for public contribution, however, I will be taking on a conductor's type of role in approving entries and content prior to publication. Please feel free to share memories, stories and photos, or whatever your heart desire's about Hamlet "now" or "then".